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Selling Homes


So, it’s time to move on, up or down in the world, and you need to sell your home. I can help! I bring a highly effective and strategic plan to market your home, rather than simply sticking up a ‘For Sale’ sign and hoping for the best. Everything I do is based on effective proven strategies, ensuring you get the maximum return on your investment without any added stress.

I’m a Local Expert Realtor 

You can always find me mingling with other Minnesota realtors and Buyers to market your home to, including exclusive coming soon exposure and insider tips to sell your home faster than the average home on market (we have the stats to prove it). It also helps that I’ve lived in the area my whole life, with an intimate knowledge of the market born from many years spent helping my dad flip houses for his local construction business.

I Bring Savvy Marketing Know-How 

You can think of me as a guru when it comes to marketing your home, bringing you a range of canny strategies and a comprehensive selling game plan. This includes everything from paid social media ads to professional staging and photos, complete with irresistible videos to attract high-paying buyers. 


Every marketing plan is tailored to you and your property, with targeted advertising to achieve incredible results. From open houses to effective email campaigns and more, I’ll make sure all messaging is branded to attract only the highest quality buyers. 


Local Social Media Expert Marketing 

In today’s ever-changing market, most Buyers are finding a home online! I have a strong social media presence on social media platforms allowing me to market your home in the best light and to the mass majority of Buyers who look online.

I Have a Proven Track Record


To put it bluntly, I have the expertise you need to get the best possible offer for your home, with an incredible $50M career volume to prove it. Every negotiation is navigated with elite expertise, ensuring you achieve over-market value when you find the right buyer for your home. 


Professional Negations 

A Seller’s Net absolutely matters and I am committed to netting our Sellers the most amount of money with less time on market! But don’t forget about Offer Terms… Offer Terms matter too! I am strategic in negotiating ALL of the terms in your favor as they all add up to make the most perfectly constructed offer in your favor!


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